Membership $90 a monthly
Includes 3 free classes a month from our scheduled
Kids Beach Nights
Saturday Ocean Kids day
Jr. Marine Bio nights,
Family Adventure Day


Members also recieve 10% off Ocean Adventure Camp and Island Adventure Camp!
Yearly fee of $40 includes an Under Blue Waters rashguard and reuasble water bottle.
No contracts, cancel anytime and no automatic charges. It’s just for parents that want to save money with our events! During summer the 10% discounts helps big time too!

Monthly Beach Night

Friday Beach fun Night! Join us for crafts, games, projects, and beach fun! Monthly events, themes, and activities vary.




*dinner is included for kids in this event*

6 PM – 8 PM

Drop in rate: $ 30

Membership rate: Included in Monthly Membership

Saturday Water Sport Adventure Day

Saturday’s are for the kids! Join us on the beach for fun water sports and beach activities for half of the day!

10 am – 2 pm 

Drop in rate: $55

Membership rate: Included in Monthly Membership

Become a Marine Biologist Night

Do your kiddos ever wonder what its like to be Marine Biologist? 
This program is for children age 5-15 who love the beach and dream about having a career working with the ocean! Dive under the wondrous world of Marine Biology as we learn about some of the most fascinating marine life, their behavior and interaction with the environment and other fun topics!

All classes are exciting, fun, and interactive including either: a take home craft, hands-on project/experiments, team-building games and more. 

After 6 classes students receive their Jr. Marine Biologist Award

Each class includes a fridge worthy certificate, 

*dinner is included for kids in this event*

6PM- 8PM

Drop in rate: $20

Membership Rate: Included in Monthly Membership

What is the Under Blue Waters Membership?
The membership is a plan geared towards our campers, students, and parents to help optimize an easier and more accessible schedule for everyone included. With more frequent dates, the more opportunity there is for all of our members to enjoy our monthly events!
How does it work?
The membership is set up with a set annual subscription fee, along with an optimal monthly fee. The yearly membership will allow you to receive special discounts on birthday parties, camps, additional events, water sport accessories, and more.
What does my monthly fee include?
The monthly fee will cover any three out of the five classes we have scheduled out. i.e: One Marine Bio Night, One Water sport adventure Saturday, and our Friday Beach Night will all be included in a one time discounted cost, compared to the individual drop in rates of each class separately.
Can I apply my 10% discount to either Camp?
Absolutely! The 10% can be applied to either Ocean Adventure or Island Adventure Camps.

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