All kids have a fascination for Oceans!

Is it the science under the surface… for instance, why don’t giant whales sink? Why does the ocean taste so salty? How are waves created?

Is it all the fun adventures that kids can have in the ocean? We think its both!

Our sunshine state is surrounded by coastal  waters, tide pools, wetlands, and  beautiful Everglades.

Under Blue Waters believes kids learn best by exploring our oceans and waterways in an interactive, educational, and adventurous atmosphere! 

Under Blue Waters brings these Marine Science Adventures to the classroom for grades Pre K-5th.

We strive to meet Florida Science Standards. 

Each program entails a presentation with hands on activities, experiments,labs, games, and crafts that connect kids to our oceans!

Sea Some of our Exciting Topics

 Florida Fish Id, Rules & Regulations

Making Sense of Sharks

Coral Reefs: The Rainforest of the Sea

Discovering Dolphin Communication 

Dive into the Ocean Zones

What makes the Ocean Salty?

Verts VS Inverts of the Sea

A Sea Turtle’s Journey

What makes the Ocean Glow?

Creatures of the Deep

Saddle Up, Seahorse!

Weather: Mother Nature’s Recipes

Whales: Breaching Giants

Water, Water everywhere!

Boater Safet: Navigating out Waterways

Fresh Water VS Salt Water

The Importance of Mangroves

*Lessons 2 hours in length *Customized for grade levels Pre.K – 5th Grade

One Presentation


Start a Marine Science Club:

This six-week after school program is for students who love the beach and dream about having a career working with the ocean. Dive under the wondrous world of Marine Biology as we learn about some of the most fascinating marine life, their behavior and interaction with the environment and other fun topics! Each session students receives a Marine Science Certificate specialized in there lesson. After the 6 classes, students will receive their Jr. Marine Biologist Award! 

**Large group rates available**


Programs can be customized to fit your

grade level and schedule


*School District Approved